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30.9. Sampo soikoon! klo 20
Nukketeatteri Sampo

7.10. Seurantalo Roinela klo 19, Klaukkala

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These six women enchant their audience with their harmonious yet distinguishable voices and strong overall stage presence which is driven by songs that cut straight into your heart. Finnish folk and musical traditions around the world form the core of the Ketsurat repertoire. Instruments, like the kantele, flutes and drums spice up the sound. Read more about us under Ketsurat.



In 2014 one of our original members, Nora, informed that she would like to give more time to her family. Because there is only 24 hours in a day and lot of things to do she had to leave our group. To replace our “grand old ketsura Nora” we were lucky to recruit Maija Kauhanen to Ketsurat. Maija gave us a lot of kantele sound which we were so happy. After hard trying we soon noticed that we could not find time for rehearsing and we had to say goodbye to Maija. She is counquering the world right now with her kantele and voice! Thank you for short, but very nice time with you, Maija!

After all, everything went well and now we have lovely Anna Dantchev in our group. Anna gives us an exiting spicy touch of Bulgarian music. Cause we haven’t yet any PR-photo of us with Anna, you have to come and see our new line-up on the stage on Friday 30th of September at Puppet Theather Sampo in Helsinki. The show starts at 20.00. Be there! And Anna – heartly welcome to Ketsurat!


Ilokielet ennällähän


Our newest album is available from these vendors: 

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Ilokielet ennällähän -album

Very scarcely backed by some instruments, this sextet recorded a wonderful, fresh album. Great matching vocals, convincing solo parts and a variety of styles. It would be very easy to compare the group with the early Värttinä, especially because Mari Kaasinen is one of the producers, but Ketsurat has a very own sound and choice of repertoire. Their power is their open minded way of approaching the music and the fact that the voices match perfectly, but when singing solo they have a very different color. A strong second album by a band that will conquer the world.
FolkWorld 11/2011

Das zur absoluten Spitze der finnischen Vokalensembles zählende Ketsurat bestehend aus sechs Volksliedsängerinnen hat eine außerordentlich lebhafte und fröhliche CD herausgegeben – und diese ist erst ihre zweite. Lieder für ihre CD haben die Vokalistinnen von ihren Reisen um die Welt aus verschiedenen Ländern, wie Portugal, Georgien und Sambien, gewählt. Man muss sich wundern, wie genau die Sängerinnen sich alle diese verschiedenen Arten des Stimmeinsatzes angeeignet haben. Der virtuosenhafte Stimmeinsatz unterscheidet sich kaum von dem der Eingeborenen. Außerdem zeigt das Lied Mäkätys, dass diese Frauen auch Schafe nachahmen können! Das Beste in Ketsurat ist jedoch der außergewöhnlich kraftvoller Klang des Ensembles. Das Ensemble hört sich größer an als es ist, fast wie ein Chor.Helsingin Sanomat, 22 Februar 2012
Mari Koppinen